Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find below some frequently asked questions about the constituency of St. James South, and the constituency office.

When was the constituency first established?

In the year: 1981

What Services are offered at the constituency office?

  • Common entrance lessons for students
  • First aid
  • Business consultation
  • Community meetings
  • Administrative services

What is the goal of the constituency office?

  • To offer outreach and educational programmes
  • To offer continuous representation
  • To promote care of the elderly
  • To improve sporting facilities


Key/prominent (living) people in the constituency:

  • Owen Seymour Arthur - Former Prime Minister, Economist
  • Keith King - Manager of Pan American Life Insurance

Key/prominent (deceased) people in the constituency:

  • Sir Frederick Smith - former leader of the opposition, high court judge
  • Jasper Watson - former Superintendent of Police
  • Emmerson Moore - former Assistant Commissioner of Police

Past representatives of the constituency:

  • Elizabeth Thompson (BLP) - Minister of Health, Minister of Environment - 1994 - 2003
  • Neville Keith Simmons (DLP) - Minister of Health, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education, Minister of Labour, Community Development, Youth and Welfare


What makes the constituency of St. James South, and the constituency office stand out from the rest?

  • Availability
  • Representation

Sights and sounds in the constituency:

  • Wanstead Ridge Park
  • Meteorological Institute

Achievements/monuments in the constituency:

  • First venue in Barbados for Carifesta IV - 1981
  • 4th Caribbean Scouts Jamboree - 1972
  • Bust of the 3 Ws - Clyde Walcott, Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Everton Weekes


Organizations in the constituency:

  • National Cultural Foundation (NCF) - West Terrace
  • West Terrace Post Office
  • Western Light Church - Oxnards Main Road


What Schools are in the constituency?

  • Queens College - Husbands
  • West Terrace Primary - Oxnards Main Road

How can you as a constituent help out your constituency?

  • Through recycling programmes
  • Through neighbourhood watch programmes