Haynesville residents get long awaited title deeds

Government tenants in Haynesville, St James are receiving their long awaited title deeds.

The revelation came last night from the incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for the area Donville Inniss, who sought to dispel suggestions that Government’s promise to bestow deeds to those living in the units for more than 20 years was mere political hot air.

“There is no greater joy than pushing the key in a door and saying, ‘this mine now’. In Haynesville, out of 333 families we know that approximately 225 have qualified to own their units and are no longer paying rent, and there are about 120 title deeds either issued, or soon to be issued.

“I know for example that from Block 13 to 29 have already been assessed by the engineers and most of those entitled to title deeds have received them,” Inniss said during a DLP meeting at the Haynesville Community Centre.

Last November, Inniss’ main political opponent in St James South, Sandra Husbands of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), had sought to warn residents, many of whom had occupied the units for more than 20 years, not to be fooled by any promises by the DLP to issue conveyances to them.

After an electrical fire broke out in one of the units, which had been occupied by a family of three, Husbands had questioned the haste with which Government had moved to promise conveyance notices to residents without notifying them of the electrical risks.

She explained at the time that many of the housing units, which had been constructed over 40 years ago, were incapable of supporting modern day appliances and had also failed multiple electrical inspections. She was therefore concerned about the increased potential for electrical fires.

However, while promising to work with residents to iron out any difficulties that may arise, Inniss last night gave assurances that more conveyances were on the way.

“I am advised that the next couple of days would see those persons in Block 2 address and resolve the issue of title deeds and conveyances. I encourage you if you have any difficulties to please let my office know so that we could remedy the issues,” the St James South incumbent said.

“At the end of the day the Democratic Labour Party made a commitment that the residents of Haynesville will get the chance to own their homes. You own a piece of the rock and it means that you are now in a position to go to the bank and say that, ‘this is mine and I want to help my son or daughter move up the ladder’. That is how we blacks have been able to advance ourselves in society,” Inniss stressed.

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